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The universal Click-Loc self-locking device fits virtually any fluid fitting and tube coupling nut. It works with flare, flareless, and beam seal type fittings. It positively prevents loosening, resists vibration, and it is rated for 100 or more reuse cycles.
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Click-Loc is the world's leading highly re-usable self locking fluid fitting, drain plug, borescope plug and turnbuckle locking device for reliability and maintainability.
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Universal locking components

The universal Click-Loc™ version offers several advantages. First, by making the locking components as separate parts they can be produced from materials selected to maximize reusability, specifically precipitation heat-treated Inconel 718. This material provides excellent strength, corrosion resistance, and wear properties. The result is a locking feature that offers a baseline reusability rating of 100 cycles.

Secondly, since the locking components are separate detail parts they are replaceable. If the locking components ever become worn or damaged the next higher assembly need not be replaced. The locking device can be completely restored to new condition by simply installing a new lockring and sleeve. This can generally be done in situ and with simple hand tools. Simply put, the Moeller Click-Loc™ is the only true lifetime locking device available.

The universal Click-Loc™ can be installed on couplings and nuts made from steel, titanium, and nickel alloys. Additionally, these same components are being applied to lock other accessories such as filters, sensors, and valves. Retention of the Click-Loc™ components is by a controlled interference fit. Standard tube fitting sizes from -03 through -16 are available, as well as metric sizes M12 through M24.

Minimal changes to AS, AN, MS and similar fitting types are required to facilitate installation of the universal Click-Loc™. Click here to see the changes required for a typical flare-type fitting. Click here to see the envelope dimensions of the Click-Loc™ components as installed. Click here to see the Click-Loc™ component weights. And finally, "right click and save as" here to download a MS Word document (947KB) containing detailed system integration information for most types and configurations of fluid fittings.

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