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C R E E P     F E E D     G R I N D I N G
Creep Feed Grinding We have substantially expanded our creep feed grinding operations in support of our turbine blade, vane, and nozzle segment manufacturing activities. Additionally, our creep feed grinding capabilities and expertise have given us a substantial competitive advantage in the production of high precision machined parts. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and includes continuous dress 5-axis CNC creep feed grinders up to 105hp. It is fully supported with in-house tooling and expert engineering and production personnel.
Creep feed grinding is capable of very fast rates of material removal, even in hardened nickel and cobalt based alloys. We can hold tolerances as fine as .0001 inches. The repeatability is exceptional since the grinding wheel is dressed continuously with a highly precise diamond form roll. The net result is much improved quality and reduced costs as well.

In addition to our full service production manufacturing, much of our recent creep feed business has been as a subtier supplier for outsource grinding. This outsource work includes dovetail and platform grinding of blades and radial grinding of nozzle segments. Competitive pricing and fast turnaround is assured with our in-house tooling capabilities and cellular manufacturing techniques.....and our history of exceptional quality has earned the trust of the world's leading aircraft engine and power turbine manufacturers.

Creep Feed Grinding hydraulic fixture Grinding Expertise

We have over a decade of production experience in creep feed grinding. We have learned to control and optimize the process to achieve exceptional throughput and yield.


Modular hydraulic fixturing and set-up kits are used for production work to minimize changeover time and assure manufacturing repeatability. We have modified much of our equipment to facilitate in-process quality surveillance to minimize variation. We even design and build our own coolant manifolds and nozzles and other thermal management equipment to help achieve industry-leading levels of process capability. In-house designed and built inspection tooling incorporates modular universal designs, pneumatic clamping, and failsafing features to prevent misloads. Wheels and diamond rolls are stocked to support our customer's production needs on a J.I.T. basis.

Creep Feed Grinding Modular Gauging
Robotic CMM Inspection Robotic Inspection

Robotic Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM's) use a PC-based interface for programming and data transfer in-house, to our corporate intranet, and with our customers via the internet. Our commitment to using the latest technologies assures process capability and product quality is optimized while cost is minimized.

If you would like to discuss how creep feed grinding could reduce your costs and improve your quality please call us at 1-800-321-8010 or e-mail:
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