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Moeller's products include Click-Loc, the best self locking fluid fittings, drain plugs, selflocking borescope plug available. They eliminate the need for safetywire, safety wire, lockwire, and lock wire. Click-Loc is an approved secondary locking feature and locking device for high vibration, high temperature, aircraft and other fasteners. Moeller also produces turbine blades, vanes, nozzle segments, buckets, and machines gas turbine parts made from inconel titanium machining superalloy.
aircraft and power turbine engine components
Specializing in precision cnc machining creep feed grinding edm milling grinding turning deep pass grinding of nickel cobalt based alloys creepfeed superabrasive stainless steel aerospace.
FlexThread self-locking borescope plugs and drain plugs eliminate lockwire. Click-Loc locking devices also secure turnbuckles and jam nuts, locking nuts, and locknuts. Reliable secondary locking feature is positive locking and improves safety and maintainability.

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